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Michelle Thorne Wiki

Michelle Thorne is a porn actress, glamour model and erotic actress in the UK. Her adult film career began in 1999 with All Amateur: Girls of the UK.

The BBC in an article published in August 2005 named her as "one of the best-known faces in the British porn industry and one of the top actresses".Although she is heterosexual, most of her pornographic films involve lesbian sex. She has also written and directed many adult films. She has starred in her own self-titled watersports videos 'Michelle Thorne's Dripping Wet' Volumes 1 to 4.

Thorne is a classically trained singer, participating in ITV's talent search show The X Factor, being knocked out in the third round. Thorne would later blame her exit on her "pregnancy nerves and emotions".

Thorne has been working on a career in music and has been writing and recording songs.

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