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Aria Giovanni Wiki

Aria Giovanni (born November 3, 1977) is a pornographic actress and model who was Penthouse magazine's Pet for the month of September 2000. She has modeled in a range of photographic styles and has also had roles in television shows.

Early life

Giovanni was born in Long Beach, California but grew up in Orange County. Her father is of Italian-Yugoslavian heritage and her mother has French, German, Irish, and Native American heritage.In an interview, she has stated that she entered rehab at the age of 12 for drug and alcohol problems and stayed there for 26 months. During her second year in rehab, she began taking high school classes and completed two years worth of classes during that time. After leaving rehab, she entered high school in her junior year.

Giovanni attended a junior college in San Diego, majoring in biochemistry, while serving as a waitress and tutoring in science and mathematics on the side when she decided to enter the modeling career.

In 2001, she played Monica Snatch in the movie Survivors Exposed, a parody of the Survivor television series. She also appeared on the November 16, 2001 episode of the TV dating show Shipmates. The following year, she starred in Justine which was recommended by AskMen.com as one of nine pornographic movies that women can enjoy.

She was married in 2005 to guitarist John 5, but the couple later divorced.

Giovanni was Playboy's Model of the Day for June 6, 2007.

In October 2008, Giovanni appeared in the first episode of James Gunn's short-form web video series, PG Porn, playing a role opposite Nathan Fillion. When interviewed about the episode, she claimed that a kiss with Fillion was the first on-screen kiss she'd ever shared with a man.Giovanni stars on the 2010 Nerdcore Horror Calendar.

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