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Early life

Michelle Anne Sinclair was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and is of German, Scottish, Russian and Cherokee ancestry.
She had her first kiss aged twelve, got her first tattoo at thirteen, and had intercourse at fourteen. She dropped out of high school and moved out of her parents' house at the age of fifteen. She also stayed in Utah for a short period of her life,and had a Mormon upbringing. Prior to her pornography career she worked for 7-11, Victoria’s Secret, Sears and Subway.

Her introduction to the adult industry came about when an agent came to Utah to see one of her friends, who introduced him to her.The next day she flew to Los Angeles. Immediately prior to starting her porn career she was dancing in a club in Utah. The pseudonym "Belladonna" came in part from a friend in Utah named Bella; later, an early agent suggested Bella Donna as it meant "beautiful woman" in Italian.Her motivation to join the adult industry was mainly financial.

Belladonna got into the adult film industry after she moved to Los Angeles to become a nude model. Her career began in 2000 when she was 18. Her first film was Real Sex Magazine for Bill Whitrock; her male counterpart was Chris Cannon. As the scene involved anal sex she had to perform her first enema, and she was also required to urinate on her co-star.One of her early films featured Sinclair in a rough group sex scene with twelve men, staged in a prison while she was menstruating.She has since appeared in over 250 adult films, including titles such as Service Animals 6 & 7, She-Male Domination Nation, Jenna Loves Bella, Back 2 Evil, Weapons of Ass Destruction, and Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge. In 2002 she featured in the multi award-winning BDSM themed Fashionistas; its director John Stagliano described her as "a woman with the most incredible sexual abilities I’ve ever seen."As well as Stagliano she has often been directed by Nacho Vidal, Jules Jordan and Rocco Siffredi. In 2003 she signed a contract with Sineplex, for whom she also directed. She now owns and operates Belladonna Entertainment with her partner and husband, Aiden Kelly. She produces her own movies under the Belladonna Entertainment and Deadly Nightshade Productions labels, exclusively distributed by Evil Angel. Her directorial debut for Evil Angel was Evil Pink in 2003.She has since created and starred in series including Fetish Fanatic, Dark Meat, No Warning, Odd Jobs, Belladonna's Butthole Whores, Foot Soldiers, Girl Train, Manhandled, Fucking Girls, Evil Pink, Cock Happy and My Ass Is Haunted. Her productions are classed as Gonzo pornography.

She has appeared several times in the reality television series Family Business, which focuses on the life of porn director Adam Glasser a.k.a. "Seymore Butts". In 2004 she was one of a number of porn stars photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for a "coffee table book" on the adult industry, XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits; she also appears in the HBO documentary Thinking XXX about the making of the book.

Media attention from Primetime

Her career in the pornography business was followed for two years by a crew from ABC Television, culminating in a January 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer as part of a Primetime Thursday segment on pornography. At one point in the interview Belladonna broke down in tears.Following its broadcast Belladonna condemned what she described as unfair treatment by Sawyer and the ABC staffers, saying the segment had portrayed her as a victim and that the interview was edited to convey the misleading impression that she had been forced to perform against her will. One topic discussed in the interview was the fact that she had contracted the STD chlamydia. The publicity provided by the interview boosted Belladonna's career.

The interview has since been used by a number of anti-pornography groups to support their case that pornography is exploitative of the women who appear in it; nevertheless, Sinclair remains an active performer in the industry. In later interviews, Sinclair claimed that she had never intended to make "anti-porn" statements, and that Primetime had deliberately taken many of her statements out of context to give the segment a negative slant. In one interview, when she was asked if she was happy how the interview came out, her reply was:
“ I am not happy about Primetime but I would love to see the whole story air one day so everyone can see how much I had to say that was FOR the porn industry. If you know me you know that I LOVED shooting! ”

ABC contacted her once to do a follow-up to the interview; she refused saying, "No thank you. I don't want to be embarrassed again."Several figures in the porn industry objected to her comments on the program.


In August 2007, Sinclair decided to semi-retire from performing with other people over concerns of STDs, specifically herpes. She contracted herpes in 2002 and was worried the disease had spread.
In a 2007 interview with the Salt Lake City WeeklySinclair expressed some regret about aspects of her career in pornography, particularly her early notoriety for performing acts and scenes that many other performers regarded as extreme or taboo. Lamenting the lack of guidance from more experienced actresses, Sinclair described an extended period of clinical depression and heavy marijuana use. Sinclair stressed, however, that she took responsibility for all her decisions and that she was never forced to perform.

However, according to a 2008 post on Sinclair's blog, she has since come out of retirement, and has filmed a number of hardcore scenes.She appeared in Digital Playground's Pirates II, the sequel to their top-selling DVD, Pirates. She has also appeared in James Gunn's PG Porn.

Personal life
She was formerly engaged to fellow porn actor Nacho Vidal. She has a prominent diastema.

On April 11, 2004, she married Aiden Kelly in Las Vegas, Nevada.She has a daughter Myla who was born on January 11, 2005.
Her interests include pilates, yoga, gardening, movies, singing, video games, aquariums, cooking, traveling and the outdoors.

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